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Veľmi nás teší, keď dostávame od našich študentov správy, ako sa im darí v USA, či po návrate domov - tu sú niektoré z nich:

Katarína K. – Oregon (šk.rok 2019/2020)

"You have to be a little crazy, and say yes to everything" - Definitely the best experience I could get as a teenager in 21st century

Hello, Mrs. Sykorova!

I hope you and all your family and ICESlovakia are alright in those crazy corona times, and I hope you are staying safe.

I had the best year of my life here, I got the best host family, or families as I should probably say, because my host family, the Gautney's are really good friends with the Parkers, and they always share their exchange students, so as I spent the whole year with the Gautney's, sometimes I spent some time with the Parkers as well, stay at their house or go to trips to places that are far away from here. I love them all so much, they are amazing. They take me as a part of their family forever, I take them as my family forever.

I spent my exchange year in the best town and state in the U.S., I attended the best high school.

I started learning how to play ukulele, thanks to my host brother, and later also a guitar. I met a lot of interesting people, not just from America but from all around the world, I found life long friends and family.

I enjoyed attending American high school a lot, it was way better than in Slovakia. Maybe we didn’t cover as many topics as we would in Slovakia, but I got the chance to pick subjects that I want, and learn more about things I’m interested in and I’ve always wanted to learn more about. I had amazing teachers.I really appreciated that American high school allows its students to be more creative, pick their own topics and themes for projects/essays.

I see how much I’ve grown and learned here, this exchange year was definitely the best experience I could get as a teenager in 21st century. I want to thank you and your family so so much for spending all of your time helping and managing exchange students and helping them chase their dreams. I am also very thankful for the great job that ICES and ICESlovakia are doing. I want to thank you for your orientations, the one I went to here in the U.S. in Oregon, as well as the ones I went to in Bratislava, I really see how you helped me and prepared me for my life here. There was one specific sentence I remember from your orientation that I had in my mind the whole year and I tried, I dare to say successfully, the whole year, and it was “You have to be a little crazy, and say yes to everything, doesn’t matter if it’s only a trip to grocery store, because you never know what amazing can happen there and what you might miss if you don’t go.”

I was really excited for prom and graduation and in the worst dream I didn’t imagine not having them this year. It was hard to accept the fact that they won’t happen, that I won’t get to say goodbye to the school and all of my friends and my teachers, but it’s life and life is unpredictable. I believe this experience will make us all only stronger and we will make it through all together. I don’t regret anything during this year, as I said many times, it was the best experience I could get, it will be helping me my whole life, all the experiences I got, and the fact that I accomplished one of my wildest dreams, I know that’s not something that happens to everybody everyday. I’m very grateful.

I hope you have the best time you could have during this crazy situation we are at, and I hope you are staying safe. I will be staying in touch.

Have a wonderful day.


Agáta a Adam M. – Idaho a Wisconsin (šk.rok 2019/2020)

Na Havaji bolo výborne, odporúčala by som ísť každému študentovi. S BELO USA sme mali bohatý program, veľa sme videli a zažili.

Celkovo sme tu v Amerike veľmi spokojní. Adam hrával ešte na začiatku školského roka americký futbal a cez zimu basketbal. Chodili aj na zápasy, ktoré vyhrali, ale fotku mi neposlal.

Ja s mojou školou sme vyhrali každú jednu cheer súťaž a mali sme ísť do Boise na celoštátne kolo, ale kvôli vírusu bolo všetko zrušené. V škole som sa stala basebalovou manažérkou a pomáham trénerovi s chalanmi :D Veľmi sa mi to páči, je s nimi sranda.

Rodinu mám užasnú, aj  škola je super, chodím tam s veľkou radosťou.

Chcem sa Vám veľmi poďakovať, že ste nám dali takúto možnosť zažiť pravú Ameriku.

Prajem pekný deň! 

Agáta a Adam

Simona P. – Oregon (takmer 3 roky po absolvovaní pobytu v USA v šk.roku 2016/2017)

It All Started With My Exchange in the USA!

Don’t say it won’t work until you have tried it! Here I am, living in Taipei, two and a half years after I finished my high school exchange in Oregon. Since then I have lived in the UK, Denmark and Taiwan. Exchange was the first step of my adventurous, fun and very global journey. I can’t thank ICESlovakia, ICES, my amazing host family and parents enough for giving me the opportunity to spend a great year in the USA that changed me a lot and helped me to become the person I am today. I often think about the time I spent in the USA and I hope that every current and future exchange student will have an awesome experience as I did.  

I am sure you have heard it many times already; exchange improves your English, allows you to explore a new country and experience a new culture. You meet many international students, share your cultures and traditions and enjoy a lot of fun moments. However, exchange also develops you as a person. It makes you think differently; it changes your mindset and the way you think about the world. Trust me, after you leave, you will be asking yourself: So, what is my next destination? Exchange opens up new opportunities and boosts your courage to do things that you have never thought of before. It’s not an easy decision to pack and leave your home, family and friends for such a long time. But believe it or not, it is one of the best decisions you can make.

I spent my exchange year living with a wonderful host family in a small town in Harrisburg, Oregon. My host family taught me a lot and looking back at it now, they helped me grow and become more mature. During my exchange I realized how important communication is. Communication contributed to my understanding of cultural differences and was a key in building a close relationship with my host family. I am very grateful that they let me become a part of their family. I also made amazing friends and I still keep in touch with some of them. I have so many unforgettable memories from my exchange that I will never forget about. I remember helping my host mom making pizza on Friday nights, going on a family trip to Cannon Beach, snow tubing, experiencing the first trick-or-treat of my life on Halloween, getting ready with my friends for about 8 hours before prom or camping in Washington.

After I left Harrisburg, I had the desire to continue my adventures and decided to study at Loughborough University in the UK. Before my exchange, I hadn’t even considered studying abroad. My English wasn’t fluent and I didn’t have enough confidence to move to a university abroad. My perspective has changed entirely after I returned from USA, I was now determined that studying abroad is the right choice for me. This opened up new opportunities such as an exchange semester in Denmark, one month program in South Africa or a 6 month internship in Taiwan. 

My USA high school graduation cap said this: ‘I came from Europe and left part of my heart in the USA’. Even after two and a half years, I think this is still true. Not only I spent a part of my life there, but it made a huge impact on me and my future. USA was the place where it all started. Without doing an exchange in the USA I wouldn’t have had all the experiences that I have had. Remember: live in the moment, be brave, take up all the opportunities and enjoy your exchange as much as you can!


Katarína H. – Oklahoma (školský rok 2019/2020)

I'm thankful for my life in Oklahoma!

My name is Katka and I am exchange student from Slovakia but I live in Oklahoma right now with my host family.

At first I flew to LA where I met my host family and we stopped on the way back in Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Big Texan. It was so cool to see this western part of the USA.

When I came to Oklahoma I was hit by the heat which was here during summer. I remember thinking about how can people survive here in this heat haha. My host sister plays softball so I went to a couple of her games. We don’t have softball in Slovakia so it was very interesting for me.

I started school year in August so you can imagine how much I was sweating because of the heat and stress at the same time. My High School is very big so at the beginning it was a big shock for me, but now it’s totally normal. I like my High School because you can find here so many different groups of people, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t fit in. I really like my American teachers because they are always very helpful and nice.

My host family is so nice. They are very generous, funny and very talkative. I think that is what every exchange student needs. For the New Year they took me to Portland, Oregon and Honolulu, Hawaii. I am very thankful that they gave me this opportunity to go there with them. They have always some plans for me so I don’t have to worry about being bored. We go to the restaurants very often and I really like it.

Thanksgiving was so cool. So much food, pies, cookies,... After I tried almost every type of food there, I couldn’t breathe for a few hours because I was so full. But it was my first Thanksgiving day so I wanted to celebrate it haha. Christmas in America are different than in Slovakia but I like it. I have never seen so many christmas decorations in the house before haha. I made my host family our traditional Slovak Potato salad and they said it was good so I was proud of myself. I fixed them some other Slovak meals and pies also.

I have tried hamburger for the first time here in America and it was so big that I had to open it and eat it with fork and knife. My favorite American meal is Chicken and Dumplings and Pecan Pie.

I still have 5 more months here in Oklahoma and I am planning to enjoy it as much as I can. It took me a long time to get used to live here without my family and friends but I was given here by my awesome American family and I made some close friends here also. I am very thankful for those people who came to my life (my host family and my American friends). This American experience is very different but I really like it and I am so thankful for my mom that she gave me opportunity to come to the USA.


Adam Š. – West Virginia (školský rok 2019/2020)

Už pred tým ako sa začala plavecká sezóna som spoznal jedného chalana menom Connor. Connor bol veľmi rád keď som mu povedal, že budem s ním v plaveckom tíme a momentálne je to môj najlepší kamarát tu v Amerike. Predstavil ma celému plaveckému tímu a jeho kamarátom.

Tým, že už plávam asi 10 rokov, som jeden z najlepších v tíme a to mi veľmi pomohlo s mojim kamarátstvom aj s inými členmi tímu. Moja hosťovská rodina ma v plávaní nesmierne podporuje. Stále sa zúčastnujú mojich pretekov, fotia ma keď plávam alebo aj stále vystrihujú články o mne z novín. Môj hosťovský otec bol v mojom veku tiež plavec, ciže on je z toho nadšený.

Výsledky mám skvelé, až sám nechápem. A vyzerá to tak, že sa dostanem na majstrovstvá West Virginie v “high school” plávaní. Z toho sa strašne všetci tešíme.


Sára R. – Missouri (školský rok 2019/2020)

Everything is great here!

my name is Sara and I am from Slovakia. I was placed in Carl Junction in Missouri. It is a city that has about 7,500 inhabitants. I only have my host mom Lesley, who chose me and she is great. She is very adventurous, and we do a lot together.

We visited the city of Joplin, where we were at the memorial wall dedicated to the victims of the 2011 tornado. It is so beautifully colorful. We also went to Lamar to see the fair, to Kansas to the movie theater and to Arkansas to hike and see a concert featuring Florida, TLC and Nelly. Labor Day we spent in Chicago.

I started school on August 15th and selected my subjects. School is not difficult and my favorite subject is Spanish that is a new language for me. Everything is great here.

The moment when I found out I can do everything I want

S behom som začala pred 2 mesiacmi vďaka Lesley, mojej hosťovskej mame, ktorá mala beh uvedený medzi jej záľubami, keď som dostala umiestnenku. Ja som nikdy nebehala, vlastne som beh neznášala. Povedala som si však, že to vyskúšam a kúpila som si tenisky.

Teraz môžem povedať, že je to závislosť! Z 2km som sa dopracovala na 5km a po dvoch mesiacoch sme sa prihlásili na súťaž 5k. Môj osobný ciel bol odbehnúť to za 35minút. Stalo sa.

Verila som v seba, trénovala som a skončila som 212. z 1 200. Vyhrala som 2. miesto v mojej vekovej kategórii a môžem povedať, že VŠETKO JE MOŽNÉ, KEĎ SA CHCE!


On the 13th of September I visited my first football game ever. Before the game we had a Hawaiian party with pizza, snow cones, and cotton candy!

That was a blast for me. I was standing in the bleachers with all the students and we were screaming and jumping to show our support for the CJ bulldogs. The atmosphere was incredible, there was so much energy.

I had my first sleepover with my friends - other exchange students , one from Georgia the country and the second from Italy. We have many things in common so we get along really well.

That Saturday my host mum took me to Bikes blues and BBQ festival in Arkansas. Both of us love motorbikes so we had fun. There was a place where you pay to take a helicopter ride for 2minutes. We did that and it was amazing. I loved all of the views and flying has always fascinated me.

Šárka M. – Texas (školský rok 2019/2020)

My host family is the best!

It is about 2 weeks since I have come to the USA, to Texas. I'm not gonna lie- beginnings are not easy. (And airplanes are not created for sleeping). When I got off the airplane in Houston, I was hit by a heat wave that I thought was the plane's engine, but nah. That was the hot, humid, heavy Texas air I am pretty sure I can just cut through. That's why they have strong air conditioning everywhere in buildings and then when you go inside it's like you came from the equatorial Africa straight to Alaska. So basically you have no idea what to wear. Also, they put ice into every drink and everything is, like, four times bigger than in Slovakia. But I love it here!

People are so nice and friendly, for real. Always willing to help even when they don't know you, always greeting with smile, or just asking how are you doing. I would want to live here for the rest of my life, if it only weren't 40°C outside.

Now to my host family. I'm just so so lucky they chose me. I mean, it is not only that they are kind and funny, but they don't treat me like some exchange student. They treat me as a family member. Yeah, I can still feel that this is not my real family and home, but I can also feel, that soon it will be like that. I mean I've been here for only 2 weeks! And things take time. We cannot give up at the beginning. More often we simply poke, tickle and fight with my two younger host siblings, just for fun, and I am also building relationship with their cat, which keeps attacking me (and everyone else too). But my host family is the best. We may not go to Hawaii or LA, but I think that a good family is worth thousands of trips. We will go to other places, but I know that they love me and want to take care of me. And I absolutely enjoyed these 2 weeks with them.

Fishing for the first time, first s'mores, family movie nights with home-made popcorn, eating in Mexican restaurants (I can't stand spicy food and yet I love it there), getting to know other exchange students and other families, singing and dancing in the car (my family loves rap music), watersliding and swimming, playing Xbox and poker (not for real money), jet skiing and tubing (of course I fell, many times, but it was soo fun), eating and drinking things I've never had before.. well, and then my school time came.

My High School is huge. Really. And when the bell rings and all the students get to the halls, the traffic is so terrible, you have to push your way through the mass of people, and crossing to the other side seems just impossible. Not to mention the fact that on my first day of school, I was supposed to take the school bus in the morning, along with my host brother, however, the bus didn't come! That is a good story to tell. Also, when I was coming back home, all around me there was this blue sky, but right above me one big cloud. And it started raining from it, I mean, pouring, and so I came home all soaked. First days be first days, right?

High School is not an easy place to survive without friends, and in the first days I felt so lonely and missed my friends in Slovakia, because, yeah, I talked to some people in my classes, but a person you talk to does not equal to a good friend. I kept saying to myself that it gets better, and guess what? It really did! I found my lunch crew and people who I am sure are becoming my friends and every day I meet new and new people.

I really love my classes, in Slovakia we would never be able to attend a dance class on a regular High School, not to mention theater, and even Earth and Space Science is more interesting than some Physics.

As I am writing this I'm not feeling very well, because I'm ill. Or maybe it is just an allergy, who knows. So I will try to survive it. But despite of all this, I went to a pool party for the 'cool theater kids' - students from our drama club or theater classes, and especially we wanted to welcome freshman students. The party was awesome! Delicious food and snacks and music and people and a fat cat! I met another nice people and, yeah, everyone is always confused when I say my name, maybe even more confused than when I say that I am from Slovakia. But they told me they liked it, they even like my accent, even though some people think I sound like I am from Russia. Nevermind.

To sum it all up, people in Texas have big cars, big roads, big houses. But also big stomachs and big hearts.

Po 4 mesiacoch v USA:

Almost every day something excited happens and I don’t even have time to talk about it with my friends and family in Slovakia. I try to take pictures of all the things and people, but let’s be honest, the best moments can never be captured, so at least I’m keeping them as memories. 


For example, many football games (where I found out they are not at all about football, it’s simply a fun time hanging out with friends), baseball tournaments (I finally understand some basic rules), Homecoming with after-party (which was mainly pillow-fighting and boys jumping on rubber donkeys), swimming in the warm sea of Galveston in the south, being part of a pool party and party in a castle-like house, playing golf for the first time (no, I couldn’t even hit the ball), pumpkin patch and corn maze, bingo games, carving pumpkins contest, Halloween trick-or-treating hay-ride (maybe I’ll get diabetes from all the sweets), dancing Michael Jackson’s Thriller in front the whole school cafeteria, Post Malone’s concert in Houston, Renaissance festival (the food was expensive), visiting Sam Houston University for dance workshops, shopping in giant Woodlands Mall and singing Christmas songs with friends in the car, Winter Dance Performance in school, drive-in theatre (we barely fitted in the car trunk with my friends)... and every single laugh and trip, I can’t even describe all of it. I was also baking for the first time without my mom being around and surprisingly it came out amazing! We had “friendsgiving” in theatre class and currently we are getting ready for our musical ‘Addams family’ in January. During thanksgiving break we went to our ranch, and I made a duet choreography for me and my host sister (10) and also found out that turkey meat makes you tired. We visited Santa’s Wonderland and I felt like it’s Christmas already, however, the 20 degrees Celsius outside... nevermind! We decorated our Christmas tree and I had a wild movie marathon with my friends where we had so much fun!


Yeah, I think I finally have people I can call friends, not just people who I talk to. There is one friend who I’m so close with, after not even one month it felt like we’ve known each other forever.


I love Texas!

Tereza P. – Virginia (školský rok 2019/2020)

I have the best host family in the world

my name is Tereza and I am an exchange student from Slovakia.

It has already been almost three months since I came to the USA. I have the best host family in the world. We live on a huge farm with horses and a bunch of the other animals. I could not wish for a better home.

I had wanted to be able to ride horses here because I am riding all my life. I have already been at a horse show where I won three first places and grand champion. I am looking forward to the next shows.

I would like to write a few lines about two favorite trips I have done so far. The day after my arrival, we flew to Florida for two weeks. We drove from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and then to Key West. I did parasailing for the first time. On the way back to Miami we stopped in the Everglades. We drove an air-boat and saw wild alligators. This vacation was so much fun and absolutely awesome. I have unforgettable memories. I got closer with my family and fell in love with them.

Last weekend, I went on an ICES trip to Niagara Falls. My host sister went too. I met students from many countries (also from Slovakia) and made very good friendships. The Niagara Falls are wonderful and because we did a boat ride - Maid of the Mist, we were very close and saw them also from Canadian side.

I cannot wait what the rest of my stay in the USA brings me!

Lea K. – Wyoming (školský rok 2019/2020)

Yesterday was the first day of my exchange year

Hi, my name is Lea and yesterday was the first day of my exchange year.

I flew all the way from Bratislava, Slovakia to Idaho Falls and then travelled two more hours with my host family to Afton in Wyoming. That’s where I am right now!

The next day I went for the first time to church with my host family. Right after that we went home and started baking because tomorrow the fair begins. It’s a local festival, where people bring a lot of food and also enjoy listening to stage music. So the whole day was our preparation for that. I couldn’t wait to see it!

I’m really excited to tell you about the fair! It was amazing. It took place right next to our house, so we were there all the time. Fair is a festival that the Wyoming people really enjoy because you can compete there with your baked/cooked goods, you can go there to see various stage performances, like the hypnotist, magician and many others! And there is a LOT of food. They also love it because you meet there new people that are all very nice! For me, the best part from the fair (except for the tasty food) were the night shows, such as rodeos or motor racing. I loved it!

Emma H. (rodičia) – Florida (školský rok 2018/2019)

Dobrý deň pani Sýkorová, pani Brookes,

ďakujeme za mail. Správu sme si prečítali. Myslíme si, že je objektívna.

Ešte raz Vám ďakujeme za Vašu energiu a čas, ktorý ste venovali nám a hlavne Emme počas jej pobytu v USA. V každom prípade oceňujeme Váš  profesionálny a ľudský prístup k študentom aj rodičom od prvého stretnutia, po návrat študenta domov.  Vaša aktívna spolupráca s ICES v USA a okamžitá odozva na všetky situácie je nepochybne silnou stránkou Vašej spoločnosti. Sme radi, že sme si spomedzi všetkých agentúr sprostredkujúcich štúdium v USA pôsobiacich na Slovenskom trhu, vybrali Vás.

Prajeme Vám veľa šťastných a spokojných študentov.

R., E., a Emma

Sabína M. (rodičia) – California (školský rok 2018/2019)

Dobrý deň,

ďakujeme veľmi pekne a určite Vás odporučíme našim známym, ktorí tiež majú záujem o tento druh študijného pobytu. Prajeme veľa veľa Vašich úspechov i Vašim študentom.

Pekný deň prajem a dúfam, že sa ešte niekedy uvidíme.


Nadja M. (rodičia) – Ohio (školský rok 2018/2019)

Ďakujeme Vám.

Nadja je veľmi spokojná, v rodine sa jej darí, dobre vychádza s rodičmi aj súrodencami. Sú veľmi milí a ústretoví. Veríme, že im to vydrží celý rok :-)

V angličtine sa zlepšuje z týždňa na týždeň, hoci začiatky boli ťažké.  V škole si zvolila náročné predmety, ale bojuje. Zatiaľ nevie, ako to bude s druhým semestrom, či bude možné predmety zmeniť, alebo bude musieť mať ten istý rozvrh aj nasledujúci letný semester.

Mimoškolské aktivity a  aktivity s rodinou zbožňuje. Sme veľmi radi, že ste jej našli takú aktívnu a milú rodinu.

A. M.

Bence S. – Indiana (školský rok 2018/2019)

Hello Mrs. Sykorová!

This is Martin Šonka, the famous RedBull Air Racer from Czech Republic. I had an opportunity to meet him and talk with him a little bit. The air race was in Indianapolis. It was awesome to meet someone almost from home on the other side of the world. I told him and to one of his team that I am a Slovak exchange student. They were exited too but as much as me.

My host parents are so nice. In the school we had fall break and we were in Grand Canyon.
I could also see Niagara Falls with my host family during Thanksgiving, just the American side but it was awesome too.
Also, I met my local coordinator, David. He is a cool guy.
Have a nice day!


Terézia M. – Michigan (školský rok 2018/2019)

Príspevok našej študentky Terézie v septembrovom vydaní ICES Newslettera.

Vydáva ho ICES v USA pre študentov, známych, hosťovské rodiny a školy a sú v ňom uverejnené inšpirujúce príspevky od ICES študentov z celého sveta, ako aj príhovory ICES riaditeľa a iných ICES zamestnancov, miestnych koordinátorov a hosťovských rodín.

Every day is a new challenge and an unforgettable experience at the same time!

It’s been almost a month since I came to the US for an exchange semester, although it doesn’t really seem like it! The first few days were really strange. It was like waking up every morning to a new, different world you never knew about and looking forward to exploring it.

During my first week, which was sometimes very chaotic, I had to slowly get used to all the different things this country has to offer, trying to compare them with the ones in my country, which was sometimes impossible. And I’m not talking only about big stores with long shelves full of cereals and gallons of milk or ice tea taking most of the space in my host family’s fridge. I am talking about the whole community of people I ended up with, especially the people from church who opened their doors and hearts for me so that I felt welcome the moment I stepped in.

With my host sister, I attend Sunday school in the morning, where I have the chance to spend my time with kind and funny people. With her help, I also got to know some of her friends at school, who are really friendly and I can learn a lot from all of them. Of course, I met a couple of students in my classes I can already call friends. There will be a Club International I am planning to join, so I can’t wait to meet other students there. I am very thrilled to attend my Digital Media class, where I can finally do something I am interested in. I believe this class will help me with choosing my course of a career in the future and I will be able to learn new, interesting things.

And as for my host family, I can say that we’re getting along very well. They are always there to help me and from the beginning, they’ve been trying to make sure I am okay and happy. I will continue building my relationship with them since it’s still only a month we’ve known each other and I hope that after some time, I will be able to put aside all my doubts and fears I am still feeling sometimes about being here.

Recently, I went on a trip with my host family to Mackinac Island, one of the most famous and beautiful places in Michigan. The next day we visited Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula, which was also an amazing experience and then we drove through Sand Dunes near Silver Lake.

I am so thankful for being able to see all of the places here and meet new people. Every day is a new challenge and an unforgettable experience at the same time!

Sára K. – Alabama (školský rok 2017/2018)


Príspevok našej študentky Sáry v letnom vydaní ICES Newslettera.
Vydáva ho ICES v USA pre študentov, známych, hosťovské rodiny a školy a sú v ňom uverejnené inšpirujúce príspevky od ICES študentov z celého sveta, ako aj príhovory ICES riaditeľa a iných ICES zamestnancov, miestnych koordinátorov a hosťovských rodín.

Now I get to call Alabama my home

My exchange year was an amazing journey…

… and I want to say a huge THANKS to Aimee Vasko Lochrico and the whole family for having me as their own child this whole year and helping me whenever I needed it. I’m so glad I get to call you my second family, I miss every single moment with you, joking with Aimee and Michael, spending time and talking to Sicily, and of course playing with Roman! Having younger siblings was always my dream and I finally got to experience what it takes and how it feels to be the oldest child!

Going on exchange is really hard…

… leaving a country you’ve known for 16 years and go to a place where you don’t know anyone, everything is completely different and the culture shock is huge, but you have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days your life!

I’m happy I got the best host family…

… and now I get to call Alabama my home where I have a big family which I’ll always want to go visit from now on  I will miss it so much, it was the best year of my life and I’ve made memories I will never forget.

Michaela H. – Colorado (školský rok 2017/2018)

Dobry den,

V prvom rade by som sa Vam chcela velmi pekne podakovat za to, ze ste mi pomohli zrealizovat moj sen ist studovat do USA.

Uzivam si kazdu minutu tohto programu a dal mi viac ako som kedykolvek mohla chciet.

Dakujem Vam za Vasu pracu a za pomoc, ktoru mi poskytujete vzdy ked to potrebujem.

V prilohe zasielam aj fotografie.

Prajem Vam pekny den.



Príspevok Michaely do aprílového vydania ICES Newslettera.

Vydáva ho ICES v USA pre študentov, známych, hosťovské rodiny a školy a sú v ňom uverejnené inšpirujúce príspevky od ICES študentov z celého sveta, ako aj príhovory ICES riaditeľa a iných ICES zamestnancov, miestnych koordinátorov a hosťovských rodín.

We have a relationship for life

The time is running so fast. I can’t believe that my American adventure is already half way over.

When I decided to do exchange I was excited but also little scared.

Who would not be if he is so far from home? However, since the first minute here I loved it. It is a great experience and I would not change it for anything. It is really hard to believe that I will have to leave in few months. I miss this place, this family and this experience already now.

This exchange program gives me more, than I could ever ask for.

I haven’t only learned many things about the new culture, but also made many new friends. We participate in many school activities and nearly half of them we also organize through the SLC like school dances, community services and even more. I have tried things I would never try back home.

My host family supports me in every activity I decide to do, like hockey, dancing, art, horse riding and many others. We have a relationship for life and I can say   that they are really my family.


Zuzana O. – Arkansas (školský rok 2017/2018)

I can’t believe that today is exactly a half way over. I wish I could stop the time. It is terrifying and exciting at the same time that there are only 5 more months. I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of it (or at least I’m gonna try). So far it has been the hardest, the most challenging and the best 5 months of my life... literally 5300 miles away from my comfort zone. I’ve learned so much... about other cultures, people but mostly important about myself. It really was and still is life changing experience. I want to thank to all people that I met over here and to those that helped me and made this stay an amazing experience. It is so much more that I expected... I became part of loving, caring, supporting, amazing and little bit crazy family. I’ve found another home...

Príspevok Zuzany do letného vydania ICES Newslettera.

Vydáva ho ICES v USA pre študentov, známych, hosťovské rodiny a školy a sú v ňom uverejnené inšpirujúce príspevky od ICES študentov z celého sveta, ako aj príhovory ICES riaditeľa a iných ICES zamestnancov, miestnych koordinátorov a hosťovských rodín.

It’s been the hardest and also the best year of my life

I still can’t believe today was the last day of the best  high school.

This year has been an emotional, crazy roller coaster. It’s been the hardest and also the best year of my life. I’m so thankful for this experience and people I’ve met.

Becoming exchange student is like jumping of the edge of comfort zone to the darkness of unknown, but there are great people who’ll catch you. I don’t regret any second of it, I would do it again and I highly recommend it.

Shoutout to the best group of foreigners! I’m proud of you guys! We all are different people then we were 9 months ago!

It wasn’t just one year of my life… it has been life in one year.

This is gonna be short month full of goodbyes I’m not ready for…


Sebastián B. (rodičia) – Missouri (školský rok 2017/2018)

Dobry den p. Sykorova,

som rada ze sa Vam Sebastian ozval, svoj pobyt si naozaj velmi uziva. Myslim, ze rad napise zopar viet o svojom pobyte aj ako prispevok do  newslettera.

Rodina je ozaj skvela, podporuju ho vo vsetkych aktivitach a vedia usmernit spravnym smerom, za co sme im velmi povdacni. Vzdy prehodime zopar viet, ked s nim v nedelu  telefonujeme. 

Prajem za celu nasu rodinu vela osobnych i pracovnych uspechov v Novom roku.

S pozdravom,

Kamila B.

Sebastián B. – Missouri (školský rok 2017/2018)

Dobry den pani Sykorova,

moj pobyt sa blizi k polovici a ja by som sa Vam chcel podakovat za moznost zazit taky skvely rok v statoch. V rodine som velmi spokojny, mame pekny vztah a vsetci mi velmi pomahaju. Skola ma tiez bavi, je to obrovska skusenost. Zapisal som sa na basketball, kde som spoznal mnoho kamaratov. Posielam zopar fotiek. Prajem vsetko dobre v dalsej praci, vela dalsich spokojnych studentov a rodin.

Vsetko dobre do noveho roka,


Zora J. – Severná Karolína (školský rok 2017/2018)


Príspevok našej študentky Zory v aprílovom vydaní ICES Newslettera.

Vydáva ho ICES v USA pre študentov, známych, hosťovské rodiny a školy a sú v ňom uverejnené inšpirujúce príspevky od ICES študentov z celého sveta, ako aj príhovory ICES riaditeľa a iných ICES zamestnancov, miestnych koordinátorov a hosťovských rodín.

My dreams truly came true

My exchange year is the best experience of my life till now.

There are many memories what I have made during my exchange year in the States, but the best were from Disneyworld, Orlando.

My host family and I were spending a lot of time to prepare all things that we needed to have for this vacation. When everything was ready, we could start to be excited what I really was. We spent three days in Disney parks during my Spring Break, to be exact Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

It’s very difficult to describe what I have seen and what I felt during this trip. All Disney characters, roller coasters, many shops; I felt like in a small world where is no reality. Every park has something special and is different. Magic Kingdom Castle is incredible, in Epcot there is a big silver ball where you can go on a ride into it, and last but not least is Animal Kingdom where you can visit a big Safari with many kinds of animals. My favorite ride was Avatar Flight in Animal Kingdom. Disney’s motto is where dreams come true and I totally agree my dreams truly came true.

I want to thank to my host family for taking me to this amazing place and that I had a chance to spend these days with them. I also want to thank you, ICES agency for this huge opportunity to come to the States and live here for one year with such wonderful people.


Príspevok našej študentky Zory v zimnom vydaní ICES Newslettera.

I enjoyed every minute of this evening

I was really excited about Halloween. I bought a costume as a witch.  Also my host parents worn as pumpkin and cat.  We went trick or treat with my friends from school.  I have never been trick or treating, so I was very excited about that.  We were at really crazy neighborhood where everybody was running for candies and a lot of houses were beautiful decorated what surprised me.  One house had a little haunted house which I liked so much.  I have many candies now at home and I can eat them for a long time.  I enjoyed every minute of this evening.

Zora J. (rodičia) – Severná Karolína (školský rok 2017/2018)

Mila pani Brookes a pani Sykorova,

velmi pekne dakujeme za zaslanie hodnotenia nasej dcery za november 2017. Aj my sa velmi tesime, ze sa Zorke dari a ma stale vyborne hodnotenie. Myslime si, ze je to nielen vdaka nej samotnej, ale velkou mierou k tomu prispieva cele okolie, v ktorom sa momentalne nachadza. Velkou oporou sme jej samozrejme my ako domaci rodicia, ale hlavne hostujuci rodicia su vynikajuci. Svoj podiel jej uspechu urcite mate aj Vy ako agentura, resp. ako osoby a ludia v nej pracujuce. Sme skutocne velmi radi, ze Vas mame a ze sme prave cez Vas realizovali Zorkin pobyt v U.S.A. 

Este raz dakujeme za vsetko a s prichadzajucimi vianocnymi sviatkami si aj my dovolujeme popriat Vam hlavne pevne zdravie a vela energie a entuziazmu do dalsej prace so studentami.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018 !!!

rodicia Zory

Adam P. – Missouri (školský rok 2017/2018)


Príspevok nášho študenta Adama v zimnom vydaní ICES Newslettera. Vydáva ho ICES v USA pre študentov, známych, hosťovské rodiny a školy a sú v ňom uverejnené inšpirujúce príspevky od ICES študentov z celého sveta, ako aj príhovory ICES riaditeľa a iných ICES zamestnancov, miestnych koordinátorov a hosťovských rodín.

It has been already 4 months since I came here to the U.S.

It seems like if it was just yesterday when I got off the plane on the 30th of July at the Kansas City airport and had met the best family I could.

First thing we had done was that we went to the best restaurant I’ve ever been to and had my first original American food.  As we came home, right the next day we had a soccer practice so it was pretty exciting too.

Two weeks after I came school has started.  I found many friends during the first couple of weeks and I’m very thankful for that because they were helping me a lot with finding the right classes.

During school, we were able to go many school trips.  I chose to go to St.Louis.  We went there by cars which took us around 4 hours.  The city was beautiful.  The most unforgettable thing was to go up to the St.Louis Arch.  As we went up there by small, special elevators we were able to see the whole St.Louis and of course from the other side the Mississippi river and the Illinois state.

I hope that I will have more great memories during Christmas and New Year!

Sofia S. – Severná Karolína (školský rok 2017/2018)


Príspevok našej študentky Sofie v jesennom vydaní ICES Newslettera.
Vydáva ho ICES v USA pre študentov, známych, hosťovské rodiny a školy a sú v ňom uverejnené inšpirujúce príspevky od ICES študentov z celého sveta, ako aj príhovory ICES riaditeľa a iných ICES zamestnancov, miestnych koordinátorov a hosťovských rodín.


Slovak Cheerleader

Sofia is a Slovak champion rhythmic gymnast, but for her exchange year in North Carolina she wanted to be a cheerleader. She had to tryout via video and was picked by a panel of judges as a varsity cheerleader for her high school. It was also necessary for her to leave home two weeks earlier than other exchange students in order to be present for practices and drills. She is happy she did, now she has a close circle of friends.

Chiara H. – Texas (školský rok 2017/2018)


Príspevok našej študentky Chiary v jesennom vydaní ICES Newslettera.

Vydáva ho ICES v USA pre študentov, známych, hosťovské rodiny a školy a sú v ňom uverejnené inšpirujúce príspevky od ICES študentov z celého sveta, ako aj príhovory ICES riaditeľa a iných ICES zamestnancov, miestnych koordinátorov a hosťovských rodín.

I definitely do not regret going to the Orientation in L.A.

Before I went to my host family in Texas I decided to go on an orientation.  We could choose between orientation in New York City or Los Angeles.  My choice was Los Angeles.  The flight was super long and I was extremely tired when I finally  arrived in LA.

When all of the exchange students from all around the world (Brazil, Japan, Czech Republic, Taiwan,..)  arrived, all of us had dinner together.  This was the time where I got to meet all of those amazing people who I would probably never meet if I haven’t gone on this orientation.

During the next two days we have seen Beverly Hills sign, Rodeo Drive (where the most expensive shop is placed), Santa Monica Beach (which was definitely my favourite part), Hollywood sign, The Walk of Fame and we have also visited the Madame Tusseau Wax Museum.

I definitely do not regret going to the Orientation in LA.  Not just because of all the beautiful places that I’ve seen but also because of all the amazing people that I’ve met there and still keep in touch with.

Simona P. – Oregon (školský rok 2016/2017)


Príspevok našej študentky Simony v jesennom vydaní ICES Newslettera.

Vydáva ho ICES v USA pre študentov, známych, hosťovské rodiny a školy a sú v ňom uverejnené inšpirujúce príspevky od ICES študentov z celého sveta, ako aj príhovory ICES riaditeľa a iných ICES zamestnancov, miestnych koordinátorov a hosťovských rodín.

What makes exchange year so special

It has already been a month since I came back to Slovakia from my exchange year in Oregon.  The decision to spend one year in USA was the best one in my life.  Even though it wasn’t easy at the beginning when I didn’t know anyone, my English wasn’t that good and I was in a totally different culture than the one that I had lived in my whole life.  But after a while, when I got to know people and American lifestyle, I started to enjoy it a lot.  I was really sad when I had to leave my friends, family and my new home.  Every day, there was something new during my exchange year, something I had never experienced before and that’s what makes exchange year so special.

The first days were probably the hardest for me since I didn’t know anyone, but after two weeks I made friends that became my very close friends.  We had a lot of fun together, made unforgettable memories and it felt like if we have had known each other for years.  I tried to participate in as many activities (sports, school clubs, school events, church, family events) as I could.  And also if someone asked me if I wanted to go somewhere or do something, it didn’t matter if I had never done it before or if I thought I wouldn’t like it, I always said yes!  And that’s how I got involved in so many different activities, was always busy and never bored and had a lot of fun during my exchange. Thanks to my parents, ICES, ICESlovakia, my host family, my friends and the whole Harrisburg community my exchange year was one of the best years of my life, full of experiences, memories and fun times.

I miss my exchange year a lot and I wish all the current and future students an amazing experience!

Just have fun and enjoy every moment of your year because you won’t even notice how fast your year went by and you will have to go back home.  Be nice to everyone, join sports, clubs, always communicate and remember: if you never tried it, don’t say it didn’t work!

Oto K. (rodičia) – Idaho (školský rok 2016/2017)

Dobrý večer,

ďakujeme za zaslanie správy o Otovi. Ďakujeme tiež za dobrú spoluprácu počas celého pobytu Ota v USA a za pomoc pri riešení všetkých situácii.

Oto bol veľmi spokojný v hosťovskej rodine a my sme boli spokojní tiež. Keď sa Oto vráti určite sa u Vás v Bratislave zastavíme.

Ešte raz ďakujeme a prajeme Vám všetko dobré a hlavne mnoho spokojných a bezproblémových študentov.

Alica S. (rodičia) – New York (školský rok 2016/2017)

Dobrý deň

Alica sa dnes šťatne vrátila domov. Bol to dobrý rok.

Ďakujeme za všetko a prajeme veľa úspechov do budúcna.

Budeme Vás odporúčať, kde sa bude dať.

Ešte raz ďakujeme.

Jaroslav, Slávka a Alica

Anna Mária K. (mama) – Idaho (školský rok 2016/2017)

Dobrý večer pani Sýkorová,

ďakujem Vám za úžasný rok, ktorý Aninka prežila v USA.

Dnes má za sebou rozdielové skúšky, v ktorých uspela na výbornú a pred sebou maturitný ročník. Stala sa z nej mladá dáma, ktorá vie, čo chce a to je dôležité.


Barbora H. (mama) – Georgia (školský rok 2016/2017)

Dobrý večer pani Sýkorová,

naša Barborka sa už vrátila domov plná zážitkov.

Chcela by som sa Vám poďakovať za všetko čo ste pre našu Barborku urobili, že ste jej umožnili prežiť krásny rok vo vysnívanej krajine, s úžasnou rodinou, ktorí boli ako jej skutoční rodičia. Našla si tam aj novú sestru, s ktorou si veľmi dobre rozumela. Okrem toho si našla veľa nových kamarátov a spoznala mnoho dobrých ľudí.

Ešte raz Vám ďakujem a prajem Vám veľa spokojných študentov.

Samuel B. (rodičia) – Idaho (školský rok 2016/2017)

Dobrý deň

Samuel priletel v poriadku po dlhom lete. Chceli by sme sa Vám poďakovať za skvelú prípravu, organizáciu odletu a spoluprácu počas pobytu na HS v USA. Tých 10 mesiacov uplynulo veľmi rýchlo a myslíme, že táto skúsenosť bude pre neho nezabudnuteľná a bude z nej čerpať v budúcnosti. 

Prajeme Vám a celému tímu veľa spokojných študentov a rodičov, veľa zdravia a elánu do ďalšej práce.


Marcela a Ján

Lenka G. – West Virginia (školský rok 2016/2017)

“About a year ago I made a big decision”

I decided to leave Slovakia and come to the United States for a new experience and to learn English.  The only thing I didn’t know was that I would find a new life, friends and family here.

The beginning of year was awesome.  My host family made plans for me every day. After relaxing finally I had to start my first day in my American high school and first volleyball practice.  I couldn’t believe I would ever be excited and nervous about first day in school again.  Teachers and classmates were so nice and the nervousness went away very quick.  It took me about two weeks to understand the school system, but the system here is very easy and you can get settled in very quick.

I have never played any sports back in Slovakia before, but I wanted to try some new sports and have the experience.

And now after volleyball season, I miss it a lot.  I started to practice with my host sister at our church and after we joined a team.  I found so many friends there which was very important for me in my first months.  We had our songs to sing and dance, we helped each other and they made my first months here awesome!  It was pretty much a busy season but I liked it.  I loved practices because I didn’t have to think about school or my home country.  I really enjoyed it.  And I’m glad that I decided to play volleyball and have this experience.  In spring, I started to do track and sometimes I have a hard time there but I enjoyed it too.  I made another bunch of friendships and we had so much fun.  I love when I can go somewhere and recognize new places, people and that’s why I’m sad when I have to think about leaving.

The end of this year is coming to the finish line and I’m trying to enjoy every single day here.

I’m so thankful for my amazing host family, especially my host sister who has become my best American friend.  They are helping me a lot and I don’t know what I would do without them.  So now, let’s rock and roll to the prom and graduation…

Lenka from Slovakia

Filip B. (rodičia) – Missouri (školský rok 2015/2016)

Čas veľmi rýchlo beží a náš syn, študent bilingválneho gymnázia v Bratislave, Filip Martin (už skoro 18-ročný) je už späť po tak rýchlych desiatich mesiacoch strávených v USA/Excelsior Springs/Missouri, vo výbornej Lawson High School, s tréningami a zápasmi baseballu a inými aktivitami, s úžasnými americkými rodičmi (Nelson a Corrie) a s dvomi americkými súrodencami.

Sme veľmi radi, že sme mali možnosť poskytnúť mu pobyt USA prostredníctvom ICESlovakia a odporúčame to aj iným rodičom a rodinám. ICESlovakia a jej manažérku, pani Sýkorovú rozhodne doporučujeme pre študijný pobyt mladých Slovákov v USA a zdokonaľovanie US angličtiny v amerických rodinách pre jej vysokú profesionalitu, skúsenosti, ústretovosť a akčnosť.


Dominika D. (mama) – Missouri (školský rok 2015/2016)

Dobrý večer. Z nášho pohľadu je Dominika po 5 mesiacoch v Amerike veľmi spokojná, nechcem to urieknuť, ale myslím si, že ste jej vybrali ideálnu rodinu. Mama a otec ju aj s jej sestrou berú ako svoju.

Za tie mesiace sme im veľmi vďační aj Vám.

Pozdravujeme Vás a želáme všetko dobré.

Dominika D. – Missouri (školský rok 2015/2016)

"To become an exchange student" - the best decision in my life. I'm blessed with all my new friends, my basketball team and especially with my family (I don't wanna use "host" because they mean more for me). I couldn't ask for better family, better friends and my American school. Thank you mom and dad that you gave me opportunity to live my "American" dream. Also I'm so thankful for the best agency I could ask for – ICESlovakia - thru you my dream became the reality. God, thank you that you blessed me with many wonderful and never forgotten experiences, new friendships, and every little things you brought into my life. Please, continue to be with me and my family (here and in my home country) and blessed rest of my time here - in America.

Izabela M. (mama) - California (školský rok 2015/2016)

Ďakujeme veľmi pekne za priebežné decembrové hodnotenie mojej dcéry. Máme z neho radosť. Aj my sme spokojní s Izabelkou, ale hlavne Izabelka je veľmi spokojná. Veľmi veľa ľudí sa nás informuje cez akú agentúru išla Izabelka, tak všetkým odpovedáme a podávame informácie o Vašej agentúre. Sme s Vami veľmi spokojní a svoju prácu vykonávate na jedničku. Prajeme Vám veľa takých spokojných študentov ako je naša Izabelka.

Izabela M. - California (školský rok 2015/2016)

Som veľmi rada, že som si splnila svoj sen a môžem byť cheerleaderkou. Je to veľká sranda a super zážitky a skúsenosti. Určite neváhaj!!!


I cannot believe that it is here. The time passed by so fast and I still cannot believe that I am leaving tomorrow. I had such a great time here in California. I cannot imagine having a better host family. They always supported me and helped me and I am very thankful for that. I have a lot memories that will stay in my heart FOREVER. I will miss every single person I have met here. I am very thankful to my parents that they made this great experience possible for me. They made my dream come true. This was the best decision I have ever made in my life so far. I will never regret that I had this amazing opportunity. I am very thankful to Maria Sykorova that she had a lot of patience, because I know how hard it is. She made this possible for me. She gave me the best host family. I cannot be more satisfied with ICESlovakia. I cannot even say how grateful I am to my hostparents Catarina & Ralph. You guys gave me everything I needed. I will miss you guys, but I will see you in Slovakia next year!!!

Petra D. (mama) – Colorado (školský rok 2015/2016)

Dobrý deň pani Sykorová,

chcem sa Vám poďakovať za informácie ohľadom Petry a hodnotenie mojej dcéry ma veľmi potešilo.

Je mi za ňou smutno, ale na druhej strane sa teším z jej kladných výsledkov.

Keďže sa blížia vianočné sviatky, prajem Vám, aby tie Vaše boli krásne, radostné a pokojné.

Za všetko Vám ďakujem.

Ema U. (mama) – Mississippi (školský rok 2014/2015)

Dobrý deň p. Sýkorová,

Chceli by sme sa pekne poďakovať za všetko ohľadom Eminho študijného pobytu. Ema bola veľmi spokojná, mala výbornú rodinu a v škole bola veľmi úspešná.

Teraz sa začína pripravovať na maturity a vysokú školu. Veľmi intenzívne rozmýšľa o štúdiu v USA, preto by sme boli veľmi radi, keby ste nám poskytli nejaké informácie ohľadom vysokoškolského štúdia, prípadne na niekoho odkázali, kto také niečo skúsil.

Ďakujeme ešte raz

Jozef F. (otec) – Mississippi (školský rok 2014/2015)

Ďakujem pani Sýkorová,

Jozefov študijný pobyt sa skončil, bol bez problémov.

Jozef si to veľmi užil, Lori a Steve sa o neho dobre starali, v škole sa mu veľmi páčilo, našiel si veľa nových kamarátov, zažil veľké dobrodružstvo.

Ďakujem aj agentúre ICESlovakia

Katarína M. (mama) - Idaho (školský rok 2011/2012)

Dobrý deň pani Sýkorová, chceme len pozdraviť a poďakovať za všetko, čo ste pre nás a našu dcéru urobili. Priletela v poriadku včera o 19.34 hod. do Budapešti. Cestu zvládla bez problémov a aj v Paríži sa vedela dobre zorientovať. Je plná dojmov a krásnych spomienok. Priviezla si domov tri medaile, v škole bola úspešná a reprezentovla školu i na majstrovstvách štátu v behu. Keď nám to možnosti dovolia určite prídeme do Bratislavy a osobne vám porozpráva svoje zážitky. 

Ešte raz vďaka.

rodina M. (Senica)

Viktoria G. - Nevada (školský rok 2011/2012)

Pani Sykorova,

ja by som Vam chcela neskutočne poďakovať za všetko. ICES je ta najlepšia agentura, ktoru som si len mohla vybrať. Ďakujem Vam sa skelú organizáciu, podporu a vybavenie celého môjho pobytu v USA. Každý, kto sa ma teraz pýta, ktorou organizáciou som bola, tak hrdo poviem ICES a hneď ju odporúčam. ĎAKUJEM a prajem veľa úspechov s novými študentami a dúfam, že ostaneme v kontakte :-)) ...

Viky (Žemberovce)

Zuzana J. (mama) - Mississippi (školský rok 2011/2012)

Vážená pani doktorka, dovoľte mi, aby som sa Vám poďakovala za včerajšie stretnutie, bolo pripravené tak, ako aj minulajšie  na vysokej úrovni. Naša Zuzanka mi niekoľkokrát cestou spomenula aký príjemný bol deň, veľmi sa jej to páčilo. Máte to perfektne pripravené, je to super, že chodia aj tie deti, čo už boli v zahraničí. Prajem Vám veľa trpezlivosti  a aby Vám ten pracovný entuziazmus v tej Vašej náročnej práci ešte dlho vydržal. Príjemný zvyšok dňa.

Inge Jánošová (Košice)

Laura O. - Minnesota (školský rok 2011/2012)

Dobry den,

chcela by som Vam za vsetko podakovat! Mam sa velmi dobre. Rodina je uzasna a v skole sa mi tiez paci. Doteraz som mala same Acka, tak dufam, ze to tak bude pokracovat. Ako ste si asi vsimli na facebooku, tak som v tanecnom time :-) Je to uplne uzasne! Vo stvrtok odchadzame na Minnesotske statne majstrovstva! :-) Len mi je luto, ze potom nam uz skonci sezona. Dnes o nas vysiel clanok v novinach a pisalo sa tam aj o mne a o tom, ako sa mi paci tancovanie, tak som Vam ho chcela poslat. 

Prajem pekny den!

Laura Ondrisova (Bratislava)

Miroslava B. - Ohio (školský polrok 2011/2012)

ďakujem veľmi pekne za privítanie! Určite to bol veľmi prínosný semester a veľa som sa toho naučila. Chcem sa Vám poďakovať, že ste mi umožnili uskutočniť tento pobyt, ktorý bol jednoznačne nezabudnuteľný a hneď by som si ho zopakovala. Teraz prestupujem na bilinguálnu strednú školu takže doštudujem po anglicky z čoho sa veľmi teším lebo to bude určite pre mňa prínosom a bez Ameriky by som to asi nemohla uskutočniť.

Mirka (Bratislava)

Zuzana J. - Mississippi (školský rok 2011/2012)

Dobrý deň Pani Sýkorová, 

Je super byť doma po takom dlhom čase, so študentmi a rodinou som stále v kontakte buď na facebooku alebo na skype. Amerika mi chýba ale nie je to až také kritické lebo teraz toho mám veľa, tak sa nenudím. Ale myslím, že akonáhle začne nový školský rok. budem plakať ako divá.haha. Môj rok strávený v Amerike sa veľmi vydaril a bol to najlepší zážitok v mojom živote. Mám veľmi veľa úžasných priateľov, na ktorých nikdy nezabudnem a krásne spomienky. Chcem sa vám aj poďakovať za to, že ste boli stále k dispozícií, keď som mala nejaký problém a ospravedlniť sa za dlhú odozvu. Ešte raz jedno veľké ĎAKUJEM. :)

S pozdravom 

Zuzka (Košice)

Frajka Jakub - Idaho (školský rok 2011/2012)

Zdravím :)

No už som doma. Dakujem za možnosť tam ísť pretože to bolo mojich najlepších 10 mesiacov v živote :) Určite ked niečo zaujímavé sa stane tak sa ozvem :)

Jakub (Ivanka pri Nitre)

Tereza R. (mama) - Colorado (školský rok 2010/2011)

Milá pani Sýkorová,

chcem sa Vám za všetko, čo ste pre nás urobili, poďakovať, pretože to bol pre Terezku veľmi zlomový rok po všetkých stránkach. Sformovala sa a rýchlo dozrela. Za všetko ešte raz ďakujeme a tešíme sa na stretnutie s Vami na Železnej studničke. :-)   Dagmar B. (Bratislava)

Adrian Š. - Virginia (školský rok 2011/2012)

Dobrý deň pani Sýkorová

Chcel by som Vám poďakovať za spoluprácu a pomoc pri Adriánovom štúdiu v USA. Odovzdajte poďakovanie aj do centrály ICES . Je mi ľúto , že odišiel Adrian na naše vyžiadanie  skôr. Mal na to objektívne príčiny a na začiatku sme do toho išli s tým , že pôjde na ½ roka do USA. Priletel v poriadku a bez problémov.


Adrian (Bratislava)

Paulína K. - Georgia (školský rok 2008/2009)

Vážená pani Sýkorová,

rada by som sa Vám poďakovala za celú našu rodinu za sprostredkovanie možnosti pre našu dcéru Paulínu Kalinayovú zúčastniť sa výmenného programu ICES na High school v USA, za jeho výbornú organizáciu a trpezlivosť pri vysvetľovaní pre nás nejasných či problematických skutočností.

Tak, ako uviedla aj jej hosťovská rodina pri záverežnom hodnotení, Paulínka veľmi dobre zvládla adaptáciu na americký systém a predovšetkým pri komunikovaní s ňou počas školského roka sme boli veľmi príjemne prekvapení, ako zvláda povinnosti v škole, ako sa snaží nájsť si miesto v hosťovskej rodine a medzi spolužiakmi. Celý pobyt hodnotíme veľmi pozitívne, čo je zásluha aj Vašej prípravy, na základe ktorej si Paulínku vybrala rodina, s ktorou si veľmi dobre rozumela a s ktorou udržuje kontakt aj naďalej. Hoci sa v USA musela veľa učiť a pripravovať do školy dlho do noci (hlavne v prvých mesiacoch), veľmi si pochvaľovala prístup a vzťah amerických učiteľov ku žiakom, ktorý sa jej zdal veľmi rozdielny od nášho slovenského (vo všeobecnosti, samozrejme). Medzi spolužiakmi si našla veľa priateľov a myslím, že aj sociálne tam veľmi povyrástla.

Želám Vám aj do budúcnosti veľa spokojných študentov a ich rodičov, ktorí budú prínos takýchto výmenných programov hodnotiť rovnako pozitívne ako my a ešte raz ďakujem.

Katarína K., (Trnava)

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